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Commendations in 2017
Research Title Name/Title Position
High-efficiency and precision cutting of glass by selective laser-assisted milling Yusuke Ito
Graduate Student
The University of Tokyo
Sensor-less on-line chatter detection in turning process based on phase monitoring using power factor theory Shuntaro Yamato
Graduate Student
Keio University
Vibration Suppression Method by Compensation Torque for High Speed Tracking Motions Hideaki Hayashi
Graduate Student
Kobe University
Development of rotary table grinding machine for large diameter Si wafers
(2nd report:Preformance investigation of wheel spindle designed to govern infeed motion)
Junpei Kusuyama JGSDF Test and Evaluation Command
Development of the Improving Process for the 3D Printed Structure Kensuke Takagishi Asahi Kasei Corporation
Ultraprecision cutting of optical glass without SiO2 composition Jun Ishizuka
Graduate Student
Keio University
Comparison of Thermal Deformation of Steel and CFRP Shafts for Machine Tool Spindles Ryo Kondo DENSO Corporation
Evaluation of Tool Wear in End Milling of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Using Cutting Force Analysis
-Relationship between Cutting Force and Tool Wear on Various Cutting Conditions-
Sosuke Korenaga
Senior Researcher
Industrial Research Institute of Shizuoka Prefecture
High speed computational algorithm in voxel based milling process simurlation for minute time and minute space resolution analysis Isamu Nishida
Assistant Professor
Kobe University
Proposal of a decision method of workpiece shapes during a rough machining operation based on topology optimization Shingo Takahashi Mitsubishi Materials Corporation
Chip Adhesion and Tool Wear in Driven Rotary Cutting of Stainless Steel Masato Goto TOYO ENGINEERING CORPORATION
Development of cBN electroplated end-mill combined cutting and grinding for precision machining of CFRP Tatsuya Furuki
Assistant Professor
Gifu University
Development of High-Speed Processing Method to Evaluate Elastic Deformations of Workpieces Kenji Komiya
Graduate Student
Waseda University
Development of a Contactless Biaxial Magnetic Loader for Evaluation of Spindle Dynamics Shunsuke Goto KOMATSU Ltd.
Surface Properties of (Cr,Al,Si)N Films Synthesized by RF Magnetron Sputtering Method Yudai Kitamika
Graduate Student
Saga University
Precise Fabrication of Wall Structure onto Thin Plate End with Interlayer Temperature Monitoring on Wire and Arc-based Additive Manufacturing Takenao Tsurumaki
Graduate Student
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Effect of Three-Dimensional Ultrasonic Assistance on Milling Process Keita Shimada
Assistant Professor
Tohoku University
Surface Texture Control by Turn-mill Process Using Ball Endmill Shunya Kaibu
Graduate Student
Osaka Institute of Technology




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