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Grantees in Research and Developments in 2021
Research Title Name/Title Institute
Maximizing Productivity of Ultra-fast Laser Cutting Machines through Optimal Motion Command Generation Sencer Burak
Associate Professor
Oregon State University
Clarification of relationship between dynamic response of systern and chatter growth mechanism in cutting with spindle speed variation Soohyun Nam
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
lnvestigation of Wire Breakage Phenomenon of Wire EDM by Simultaneous Measurement of Wire Temperature and Discharge Locations Tomohiro Koyano
Associate Professor
Kanazawa University
Mold and die finishing without polishing proccss by cBN ball-end mill with combined cutting and burnishing effect Masato Okada
University of Fukui
Development of precision truing method for coarse-grained diamond/cBN grinding wheel and application to grinding process Akihisa Kubota
Associate Professor
Kumamoto University
A randomized algorithm for suppression of chatter vibration by changing spindle while estimating a point in a stability lobe Hirohisa Narita
Meijo University
Development of intelligent planning for sequence of metal additive manufacturing considering thermal history of workpiece Junichi Kaneko
Saitama University
Study on acceleration of workpiece deformation analysis in end milling using voxel model Kazuki Kaneko
Assistant professor
Ibaraki Universlty
Efficient Automated Tuning of Servo Control by Learning Based Plant Frequency Response Function Estimatio Yoshihiro Maeda
Associate Professor
Nagoya lnstitute of Technology
Optimal motion trajectory generation for industrial machines considering higher-order kinematic constraints Naoki Uchiyama
Toyohashi University of Technology
Evaluation for Characteristics of MCF Wheel Surface Polishing Hisashi Yamamoto
Associate Professor
Toyama College
Study on truing and dressing characteristics of super abrasive grinding wheels
-Relationship between the mechanical properties of grinding wheels and the mechanical properties of abrasive grain layers of super abrasive grinding wheels-
Takekazu Sawa
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Fabrication and control of micro/nanostructure with cutting assisted short-pulsed laser Shuhei Kodama
Assistant professor
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Synthesis of tetrahedral diamond like carbon combining low-fiction with high-thermal stability by periodic arc discharge Hiroyuki Hasegawa
Associate Professor
Saga University
Diamond Wear by Triboplasm Hirofumi Hidai
Chiba University
Developmet of software for AI correction of NC programs for optimal cutting conditions Ikuo Tanabe
Sanjyo City University
High-Order Periodic-Disturbance Observer for Precise Repetitive Robot Motion Hisayoshi Muramatsu
Assistant Professor
Hiroshima University
Study of shape distortion factors of heat-treated material with ring punch shape WEDM Hideki Takezawa
Kogakuin Univcersity
Development of Dry laser peening technique for improving fatigue properties of difficult-to-deform metals Tomokazu Sano
Osaka Unioversity
Estimation and monitoring of bending torsion chatter vibration at high frequency with a wireless transmitting tool holde Toshiki Hirogaki
Doshisha University
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