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Grantees in Research and Developments in 2020
Research Title Name/Title Position
Research on cutting force prediction in gear skiving Jung Hongjin
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
Shape processing for porous metal materials by combining cutting and electrochemical machining Wataru Natsu
Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Proposal of novel surface modification technology by short pulse laser irradiation easily mounted on machine tools Liu Xiaoxu
Assistant Professor
Nagoya Institute of Technology
Singularity avoidance of 5-axis machine tools with decoupled approach Shingo Tajima
Assistant Professor
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Proposal of simplified FRF measurement and chatter stability analysis based on dimension reduction Soohyun Nam
Graduate Student
Nagoya University
Suppression of chatter vibration by changing spindle speed with using Bayes' theorem Hirohisa Narita
Meijo University
Construction of Technology for Metal 3D Printing Method Based on Principle of Electromagnetic Induction Masahiro Aoyama
Assistant Professor
Shizuoka University
Realization of high density and strength structure based on flow analysis of shield gas in WAAM Mitsugu Yamaguchi
Assistant Professor
Kanazawa University
Development of high accuracy and high efficiency grinding with ultrafine bubbles coolant Hirofumi Suzuki
Chubu University
Improvement of mechanical properties of metallic AM materials by remelting surface modification method in liquid Atsushi Ezura
Assistant Professor
Kanazawa University
On-machine dynamic stiffness monitoring of thin-walled workpiece using wireless excitation instrument Daisuke Kono
Associate Professor
Kyoto University
Evaluation and shape optimization of convex cutting edge of drill corner for high-quality hole drilling targeting CFRP with thermoplastic resin Masato Okada
Associate Professor
University of Fukui
Development of wear resistant hard coatings by pulse arc plasma Hiroyuki Hasegawa
Associate Professor
Saga University
Cutting performance of micro CBN end mill with oxide film Kazuya Hamaguchi
Senior Researcher
Hyogo Prefectural Institute of Technology
Decision System for Principal Factors Grinding Wheel Supported by Date-Mining Methodology on the Basis of Database Hiroyuki Kodama
Senior Assistant Professor
Okayama University
The in-situ observation for abrasive manufactured surface by using florescent stained method Takayuki Tokoroyama
Associate Professor
Nagoya University
Performance evaluation of temperature control system for machine tools
(Temperature control of built-in motor spindle)
Jumpei Kusuyama
Assistant Professor
Kanagawa University
Basic study on improving the machining accuracy of grinding process
-Relationship between spindle tilting and machining accuracy-
Takekazu Sawa
Shibaura Institute of Technology
Wear Amount Measuring Method Using Image analysis to Innovate Contact Inspection for Female Taper Socket of Machine Tools Ichiro Yoshida
Hosei University
Cutting characteristics in drilling of CFRP with variable feed rate control Shoichi Tamura
Associate Professor
Ashikaga University
Influence of lubrication condition on finished surface formation by rounded tool Ryutaro Tanaka
Associate Professor
Hiroshima University
The 10th lnternational Conference on Leading Edge Manufacturing in 21st Century (LEM21) Hiroyuki Narahara
Kyushu Institute of Technology
International Symposium of Advanced Abrasive Technology 2021 (ISAAT2021) Hideki Aoyama
Keio University
12th International Symposium on Environmentally Conscious Design and lnverse Manufacturing (Eco Design2021) Yasushi Umeda
The University of Tokyo
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